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  • 4ZWJ : Crystal structure of rhodopsin bound to arrestin by femtosecond X-ray laser

    Kang, Y. (Contributor), Zhou, X. E. (Contributor), Gao, X. (Contributor), He, Y. (Contributor), Liu, W. (Contributor), Ishchenko, A. (Contributor), Barty, A. (Contributor), White, T. A. (Contributor), Yefanov, O. (Contributor), Han, G. W. (Contributor), Xu, Q. (Contributor), De Waal, P. W. (Contributor), Ke, J. (Contributor), Tan, M. H. E. (Contributor), Zhang, C. (Contributor), Moeller, A. (Contributor), West, G. M. (Contributor), Pascal, B. D. (Contributor), Van Eps, N. (Contributor), Caro, L. N. (Contributor), Vishnivetskiy, S. A. (Contributor), Lee, R. J. (Contributor), Suino-Powell, K. M. (Contributor), Gu, X. (Contributor), Pal, K. (Contributor), Ma, J. (Contributor), Zhi, X. (Contributor), Boutet, S. (Contributor), Williams, G. J. (Contributor), Messerschmidt, M. (Contributor), Gati, C. (Contributor), Zatsepin, N. A. (Contributor), Wang, D. (Contributor), James, D. (Contributor), Basu, S. (Contributor), Roy-Chowdhury, S. (Contributor), Conrad, C. E. (Contributor), Coe, J. (Contributor), Liu, H. (Contributor), Lisova, S. (Contributor), Kupitz, C. (Contributor), Grotjohann, I. (Contributor), Fromme, R. (Contributor), Jiang, Y. (Contributor), Tan, M. (Contributor), Yang, H. (Contributor), Li, J. (Contributor), Wang, M. (Contributor), Zheng, Z. (Contributor), Li, D. (Contributor), Howe, N. (Contributor), Zhao, Y. (Contributor), Standfuss, J. (Contributor), Diederichs, K. (Contributor), Dong, Y. (Contributor), Potter, C. S. (Contributor), Carragher, B. (Contributor), Caffrey, M. (Contributor), Jiang, H. (Contributor), Chapman, H. N. (Contributor), Spence, J. C. H. (Contributor), Fromme, P. (Contributor), Weierstall, U. (Contributor), Ernst, O. P. (Contributor), Katritch, V. (Contributor), Gurevich, V. V. (Contributor), Griffin, P. R. (Contributor), Hubbell, W. L. (Contributor), Stevens, R. C. (Contributor), Cherezov, V. (Contributor), Melcher, K. (Contributor) & Xu, H. E. (Contributor), RCSB-PDB, 2015


  • Enzyme intermediates captured “on the fly” by mix-and-inject serial crystallography

    Olmos, J. L. (Creator), Pandey, S. (Creator), Martin-Garcia, J. M. (Creator), Calvey, G. (Creator), Katz, A. (Creator), Knoska, J. (Creator), Kupitz, C. (Creator), Hunter, M. S. (Creator), Liang, M. (Creator), Oberthuer, D. (Creator), Yefanov, O. (Creator), Wiedorn, M. (Creator), Heyman, M. (Creator), Holl, M. (Creator), Pande, K. (Creator), Barty, A. (Creator), Miller, M. D. (Creator), Stern, S. (Creator), Roy-Chowdhury, S. (Creator), Coe, J. (Creator), Nagaratnam, N. (Creator), Zook, J. (Creator), Verburgt, J. (Creator), Norwood, T. (Creator), Poudyal, I. (Creator), Xu, D. (Creator), Koglin, J. (Creator), Seaberg, M. H. (Creator), Zhao, Y. (Creator), Bajt, S. (Creator), Grant, T. (Creator), Mariani, V. (Creator), Nelson, G. (Creator), Subramanian, G. (Creator), Bae, E. (Creator), Fromme, R. (Creator), Fung, R. (Creator), Schwander, P. (Creator), Frank, M. (Creator), White, T. A. (Creator), Weierstall, U. (Creator), Zatsepin, N. (Creator), Spence, J. (Creator), Fromme, P. (Creator), Chapman, H. N. (Creator), Pollack, L. (Creator), Tremblay, L. (Creator), Ourmazd, A. (Creator), Phillips, G. N. (Creator), Schmidt, M. (Creator), Frank, M. (Creator), Spence, J. (Creator), Chapman, H. (Creator) & Phillips, G. (Creator), figshare Academic Research System, 2018


  • Membrane Protein Megahertz Crystallography at the European XFEL, Photosystem I at synchrotron to 2.9 A

    Gisriel, C. (Contributor), Coe, J. (Contributor), Letrun, R. (Contributor), Yefanov, O. M. (Contributor), Luna-Chavez, C. (Contributor), Stander, N. E. (Contributor), Lisova, S. (Contributor), Mariani, V. (Contributor), Kuhn, M. (Contributor), Aplin, S. (Contributor), Grant, T. D. (Contributor), Dörner, K. (Contributor), Sato, T. (Contributor), Echelmeier, A. (Contributor), Cruz Villarreal, J. (Contributor), Hunter, M. S. (Contributor), Wiedorn, M. O. (Contributor), Knoska, J. (Contributor), Mazalova, V. (Contributor), Roy-Chowdhury, S. (Contributor), Yang, J. (Contributor), Jones, A. (Contributor), Bean, R. (Contributor), Bielecki, J. (Contributor), Kim, Y. (Contributor), Mills, G. (Contributor), Weinhausen, B. (Contributor), Meza, J. D. (Contributor), Al-Qudami, N. (Contributor), Bajt, S. (Contributor), Brehm, G. (Contributor), Botha, S. (Contributor), Boukhelef, D. (Contributor), Brockhauser, S. (Contributor), Bruce, B. D. (Contributor), Coleman, M. A. (Contributor), Danilevski, C. (Contributor), Discianno, E. (Contributor), Dobson, Z. (Contributor), Fangohr, H. (Contributor), Martin-Garcia, J. M. (Contributor), Gevorkov, Y. (Contributor), Hauf, S. (Contributor), Hosseinizadeh, A. (Contributor), Januschek, F. (Contributor), Ketawala, G. K. (Contributor), Kupitz, C. (Contributor), Maia, L. (Contributor), Manetti, M. (Contributor), Messerschmidt, M. (Contributor), Michelat, T. (Contributor), Mondal, J. (Contributor), Ourmazd, A. (Contributor), Previtali, G. (Contributor), Sarrou, I. (Contributor), Schön, S. (Contributor), Schwander, P. (Contributor), Shelby, M. L. (Contributor), Silenzi, A. (Contributor), Sztuk-Dambietz, J. (Contributor), Szuba, J. (Contributor), Turcato, M. (Contributor), White, T. A. (Contributor), Wrona, K. (Contributor), Xu, C. (Contributor), Abdellatif, M. H. (Contributor), Zook, J. D. (Contributor), Spence, J. C. H. (Contributor), Chapman, H. N. (Contributor), Barty, A. (Contributor), Kirian, R. (Contributor), Frank, M. (Contributor), Ros, A. (Contributor), Schmidt, M. (Contributor), Fromme, R. (Contributor), Mancuso, A. P. (Contributor), Fromme, P. (Contributor) & Zatsepin, N. A. (Contributor), Protein Data Bank (PDB), Nov 20 2019


  • Crystal Structure of a five site mutated Cyanovirin-N

    Fromme, R. (Contributor), Katiliene, Z. (Contributor), Giomarelli, B. (Contributor), Bogani, F. (Contributor), Mc Mahon, J. (Contributor), Mori, T. (Contributor), Fromme, P. (Contributor) & Ghirlanda, G. (Contributor), Protein Data Bank (PDB), Jul 31 2007


  • KDO8PS Structure Determined at the EuXFEL using Segmented Flow Injection

    Echelmeier, A. (Contributor), Cruz Villarreal, J. (Contributor), Messerschmidt, M. (Contributor), Kim, D. (Contributor), Coe, J. D. (Contributor), Thifault, D. (Contributor), Botha, S. (Contributor), Egatz-Gomez, A. (Contributor), Gandhi, S. (Contributor), Brehm, G. (Contributor), Conrad, C. E. (Contributor), Hansen, D. (Contributor), Madsen, C. (Contributor), Bajt, S. (Contributor), Meza-Aguilar, J. D. (Contributor), Oberthür, D. (Contributor), Wiedorn, M. O. (Contributor), Fleckenstein, H. (Contributor), Mendez, D. (Contributor), Knoška, J. (Contributor), Martin-Garcia, J. M. (Contributor), Hu, H. (Contributor), Lisova, S. (Contributor), Allahgholi, A. (Contributor), Gevorkov, Y. (Contributor), Ayyer, K. (Contributor), Aplin, S. (Contributor), Ginn, H. M. (Contributor), Graafsma, H. (Contributor), Morgan, A. J. (Contributor), Greiffenberg, D. (Contributor), Klujev, A. (Contributor), Laurus, T. (Contributor), Poehlsen, J. (Contributor), Trunk, U. (Contributor), Mezza, D. (Contributor), Schmidt, B. (Contributor), Kuhn, M. (Contributor), Fromme, R. (Contributor), Sztuk-Dambietz, J. (Contributor), Raab, N. (Contributor), Hauf, S. (Contributor), Silenzi, A. (Contributor), Michelat, T. (Contributor), Xu, C. (Contributor), Danilevski, C. (Contributor), Parenti, A. (Contributor), Mekinda, L. (Contributor), Weinhausen, B. (Contributor), Mills, G. (Contributor), Vagovic, P. (Contributor), Kim, Y. (Contributor), Kirkwood, H. (Contributor), Bean, R. (Contributor), Bielecki, J. (Contributor), Stern, S. (Contributor), Giewekemeyer, K. (Contributor), Round, A. R. (Contributor), Schulz, J. (Contributor), Dörner, K. (Contributor), Grant, T. D. (Contributor), Mariani, V. (Contributor), Barty, A. (Contributor), Mancuso, A. P. (Contributor), Weierstall, U. (Contributor), Spence, J. C. H. (Contributor), Chapman, H. N. (Contributor), Zatsepin, N. (Contributor), Fromme, P. (Contributor), Kirian, R. (Contributor) & Ros, A. (Contributor), Protein Data Bank (PDB), Sep 2 2020