X-Ray Powder Diffraction Data for Ba2Cu3PrO6.96±0.01

V. E. Lamberti, M. A. Rodriquez, A. Navrotsky

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The X-ray powder diffraction pattern for the title compound is reported in the range 5 ≤ 20 ≤ 125°. The sample was prepared through solid-state reaction of BaCO3, CuO, and Pr6O11, and characterized with respect to oxygen content through iodometric titration. Refined parameters for the orthorhombic (space group Pmmm) unit cell are a = 3.8587(2) Å; b = 3.9302(1) Å; c = 11.7126(3) Å; alb = 0.98181(6); a/c = 0.32945(2); blc = 0.33555(1); Z = 1; Dx= 6.705(2) Mg m-3; V = 177.62(1) Å3; formula wt. = 717.48(16) g mol-1; SS/FOM: F30 = 48(0.005,127).

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Pages (from-to)207-209
Number of pages3
JournalPowder Diffraction
Issue number3
StatePublished - Sep 1995
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