Where are we with biofilms now? Where are we going?

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The IWA's BiofilmVI conference presented a wide range of research on biofilm systems. Particularly popular themes were nitrogen removal, mathematical modelling and microbial ecology. Emerging themes included biofilms with membranes, pathogens in biofilms, biofouling and detachment. Within microbial ecology and mathematical modelling, emphasis was given to N-removal systems, particularly involving nitrifiers and Anammox bacteria. Both themes also recognised the importance of biofilm detachment. Although biofilms on membranes gained attention, little interest was exhibited towards linking biofilms with other advanced materials, such as ceramics, conductors, semi-conductors or nano-materials. Research presented at BiofilmVI marked major advances in improving water sustainability towards removing BOD and N, but did not address many emerging contaminants, such as oxidised contaminants and endocrine disruptors. Attention to energy sustainability, such as with bio-hydrogen or microbial fuel cells, was minimal. Thus, research reported at BiofilmVI was strong towards "improving the expected" with regard to BOD and N removal, but not yet focused on "exploiting the unexpected" to deal with emerging pollutants and bio-energy.

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StatePublished - Jun 5 2007

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