We've got to do better

Katina Michael, Katherine Albrecht

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Katherine Albrecht and Katina Michael explains that the time spent in electronic vectors of nothingness is contributing to the decay of our meaningful, relationships. Barring sleep, people have just 16 hours each day to live their conscious lives. If they spend 11 of them online, at a console, or in a game, that's 69% of their waking lives. Most of us legitimately require screen time for work, but we often get stuck there. All those online hours come at a high cost. We feel pressured, like there is never enough time to get everything done. The productivity void of all these wasted hours is already beginning to alarm U.S. employers, as analysts bemoan that employees spend one quarter of their online time at the office on non-work related Internet surfing, thus squandering an average of five hours per week.

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Article number6763240
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JournalIEEE Technology and Society Magazine
Issue number1
StatePublished - Mar 2014
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