U.S. discourse and strategies in the new world order

George M. Thomas

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This chapter discusses the institutional model to delineate common elements underlying the multitude of versions and disagreements put forth by diverse actors. It explains the common elements by looking at public discourse that includes actors from individual scholars to associations to policymakers. The chapter describes the world cultural field, and explores changing US discourse and practice. The new world order discourse locates the moral authority and responsibility for global justice at a supranational level. The new world order as a global construction seems to be associated with a new relationship between sovereign states and International governmental organizations (IGOs). The United States seems committed to involvement in IGOs as a major form of participating in the new world order, but not at the expense of its sovereignty or national interest. The goal is cooperation and the legitimate means are diplomacy and increasingly IGOs.

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Title of host publicationOld Nations, New World
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StatePublished - Jan 1 2019

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