Tunneling phase logic cellular nonlinear networks

Tao Yang, Richard A. Kiehl, Leon O. Chua

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Based on a simple circuit model of a tunneling phase logic (TPL) element that is driven by a sinusoidal voltage source and biased by a DC voltage source, we present simulations of operations in cellular nonlinear networks (CNN) that could potentially be used to perform general computations in 2D arrays of simple, locally connected nanoscale devices. Some examples are presented to demonstrate the image computation capability of TPL-CNN. In particular, we use a simple 2D TPL-CNN structure to perform edge detection, image enhancement and image segmentation. Some cellular automata (CA)-like behaviors of our 2D TPL-CNN are also presented.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)2895-2911
Number of pages17
JournalInternational Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos in Applied Sciences and Engineering
Issue number12
StatePublished - Dec 2001

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