Transport in split-gate silicon quantum dots

A. Gunther, M. Khoury, S. Miličić, Dragica Vasileska, Trevor Thornton, Stephen Goodnick

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We report on the transport properties of novel Si quantum dot structures with controllable electron number through both top and side gates. Quantum dots were fabricated by a split-gate technique within a standard MOSFET process. Four-terminal dc electrical measurements were performed at 4.2 K in a liquid helium cryostat. Strong oscillations in the conductance through the dot are observed as a function of both the top gate bias and of the plunger bias. An overall monotonic and quasi-periodic movement of the peak conductance is observed which is believed to be associated with the bare level structure of the electronic states in the dot coupled with the Coulomb charging energy. Crossing behavior is observed as well, suggestive of either many-body effects or symmetry breaking of the dot states by the applied bias.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)373-376
Number of pages4
JournalSuperlattices and Microstructures
Issue number5
StatePublished - May 2000
Event3rd International Workshop on Surfaces and Interfaces In Mesoscopic Devices (SIMD'99) - Maui, HI, USA
Duration: Dec 6 1999Dec 10 1999

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