Transmission of high-power electron beams through small apertures

C. Tschalär, Ricardo Alarcon, S. Balascuta, S. V. Benson, W. Bertozzi, J. R. Boyce, R. Cowan, D. Douglas, P. Evtushenko, P. Fisher, E. Ihloff, N. Kalantarians, A. Kelleher, R. Legg, R. G. Milner, G. R. Neil, L. Ou, B. Schmookler, C. Tennant, G. P. WilliamsS. Zhang

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Tests were performed to pass a 100 MeV, 430 kWatt c.w. electron beam from the energy-recovery linac at the Jefferson Laboratory's FEL facility through a set of small apertures in a 127 mm long aluminum block. Beam transmission losses of 3 p.p.m. through a 2 mm diameter aperture were maintained during a 7 h continuous run.


  • Beam transmission
  • Megawatt electron beam
  • Millimeter aperture

ASJC Scopus subject areas

  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics
  • Instrumentation


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