The murchison widefield array

Daniel A. Mitchell, Lincoln J. Greenhill, Stephen M. Ord, Gianni Bernardi, Randall B. Wayth, Richard G. Edgar, Michael A. Clark, Kevin Dale, Hanspeter Pfister, Stewart J. Gleadow, W. Arcus, F. H. Briggs, L. Benkevitch, J. D. Bowman, J. D. Bunton, S. Burns, R. J. Cappallo, B. E. Corey, A. De Oliveira-Costa, L. DesouzaS. S. Doeleman, M. F. Derome, D. Emrich, M. Glossop, R. Goeke, M. R.Gopala Krishna, B. Hazelton, D. E. Herne, J. N. Hewitt, P. A. Kamini, D. L. Kaplan, J. C. Kasper, B. B. Kincaid, J. Kocz, E. Kowald, E. Kratzenberg, D. Kumar, C. J. Lonsdale, M. J. Lynch, S. Madhavi, M. Matejek, S. R. McWhirter, M. F. Morales, E. Morgan, D. Oberoi, J. Pathikulangara, T. Prabu, A. Rogers, J. E. Salah, R. J. Sault, N. Udaya Shankar, K. S. Srivani, J. Stevens, S. J. Tingay, A. Vaccarella, M. Waterson, R. L. Webster, A. R. Whitney, A. Williams, C. Williams

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It is shown that the excellent Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory site allows the Murchison Widefield Array to employ a simple RFI blanking scheme and still calibrate visibilities and form images in the FM radio band. The techniques described are running autonomously in our calibration and imaging software, which is currently being used to process an FM-band survey of the entire southern sky.

Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalProceedings of Science
StatePublished - 2010
Event2010 RFI Mitigation Workshop, RFI 2010 - Groningen, Netherlands
Duration: Mar 29 2010Mar 31 2010

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