The mid-infrared spectrum of star-forming galaxies: Global properties of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon emission

J. D T Smith, B. T. Draine, D. A. Dale, J. Moustakas, R. C. Kennicutt, G. Helou, L. Armus, H. Roussel, K. Sheth, G. J. Bendo, B. A. Buckalew, D. Calzetti, C. W. Engelbracht, K. D. Gordon, D. J. Hollenbach, A. Li, S. Malhotra, E. J. Murphy, F. Walter

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  • Mid-IR spectrum of star-forming galaxies

    Smith, J. D. T. (Contributor), Draine, B. T. (Creator), Dale, D. A. (Creator), Moustakas, J. (Creator), Kennicutt Jr., J. R. C. (Contributor), Helou, G. (Creator), Armus, L. (Creator), Roussel, H. (Creator), Sheth, K. (Creator), Bendo, G. J. (Creator), Buckalew, B. A. (Creator), Calzetti, D. (Creator), Engelbracht, C. W. (Creator), Gordon, K. D. (Creator), Hollenbach, D. J. (Creator), Li, A. (Creator), Malhotra, S. (Creator), Murphy, E. J. (Creator), Walter, F. (Creator), Dale, D. A. (Creator), Armus, L. (Creator) & Murphy, E. J. (Creator), Strasbourg Astronomical Data Center, 2009