The Mauna Loa sulfur flow as an analog to secondary sulfur flows (?) on Io

Ronald Greeley, Eilene Theilig, Philip Christensen

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Independent evidence suggests that both sulfur and silicate materials exist on the surface of Io. Spectral data indicate the presence of sulfur compounds, some of which are suggested to be of fumarolic origin. Morphological evidence and inferences of the physical properties of some landforms suggest that silicate volcanism has occurred, which would involve temperatures ≥650°C. Because the liquidus of sulfur is only ∼115°C, it is likely that sulfur in close proximity to "hot spots" or to active silicate volcanic areas on Io would be melted and mobilized as flows. The Mauna Loa sulfur flow may serve as an analog for such flows, as it consists of fumarolic sulfur that was melted as a consequence of a basaltic eruption and produced a small flow superimposed on silicate lavas.

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StatePublished - Oct 1984

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