The leadership and executive potential of physicians in an era of managed care systems

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The emergence of managed care signals a need for an expanded role for physicians. Physician executives, trained in management, have the potential to become champions of clinical integrity, negotiators with patient agent organizations, public interpreters of hospital performance data, consultants to the profession, and designers of health care systems. Nonclinically trained administrators have been slow to recognize the unique skills and perspective that physicians bring to the managerial suite. The clash of professional and managerial cultures has often been perceived as precluding a strong working alliance between physician and nonphysician executives. As hospital margins are threatened, decision protocols must now be designed to incorporate teams of leaders who are able to overcome the managerial/clinical divide. The management of this interface will demand the attention of both administration and boards and may require the establishment of new structures in health care organizations.

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JournalHospital and Health Services Administration
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StatePublished - Jan 1 1991

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