The Io GIS Database 1.0: A Proto-Io Planetary Spatial Data Infrastructure

David A. Williams, David M. Nelson, Moses P. Milazzo

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We collected a set of published, higher-order data products of Jupiter's volcanic moon Io and assembled them in an ArcGISTM database we are calling the Io GIS Database, version 1.0. The purpose of this database is to collect image, topographic, geologic, and thermal emission data of Io in one geospatially registered location to form the data component of an Io planetary spatial data infrastructure (PSDI). The goals of an Io PSDI are (1) to make higher-order data products more accessible and usable to the broader planetary science community, particularly to new scientists that were not associated with the projects that obtained the data; (2) to enable new scientific studies with the data; and (3) to create a tool to support observation planning for future Io-focused planetary missions. In this paper we describe the motivation behind our project, discuss the data sets acquired for this first version of the database, and demonstrate how they can be used. We conclude with a discussion of how our database relates to other PSDIs, our plans for future updates, and a request for additional Io data sets 2021. The Author(s). Published by the American Astronomical Society.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number148
JournalPlanetary Science Journal
Issue number4
StatePublished - Aug 2021


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