The geomorphology of Ceres

D. L. Buczkowski, B. E. Schmidt, David Williams, S. C. Mest, J. E C Scully, A. I. Ermakov, F. Preusker, P. Schenk, K. A. Otto, H. Hiesinger, D. O'Brien, S. Marchi, H. Sizemore, K. Hughson, H. Chilton, M. Bland, S. Byrne, N. Schorghofer, T. Platz, R. JaumannT. Roatsch, M. V. Sykes, A. Nathues, M. C. De Sanctis, C. A. Raymond, C. T. Russell

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Analysis of Dawn spacecraft Framing Camera image data allows evaluation of the topography and geomorphology of features on the surface of Ceres. The dwarf planet is dominated by numerous craters, but other features are also common. Linear structures include both those associated with impact craters and those that do not appear to have any correlation to an impact event. Abundant lobate flows are identified, and numerous domical features are found at a range of scales. Features suggestive of near-surface ice, cryomagmatism, and cryovolcanism have been identified. Although spectroscopic analysis has currently detected surface water ice at only one location on Ceres, the identification of these potentially ice-related features suggests that there may be at least some ice in localized regions in the crust.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article numberaaf4332
Issue number6303
StatePublished - Sep 2 2016

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