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Disabilism has been misrepresented narrowly as a health, economic, technical, safety, or deviance issue rather than as discrimination. Hegemony is not a simple synonym for domination. The concept of hegemony challenges the idea of common sense by asking if it is good sense. Hegemony is a theoretical construct that can help us examine the various social control processes embedded in the cultural production of the everyday world in critical historical moments. The study of deviance in retrospect might be heuristic, and some of the classical work on deviance remains important from a historical perspective. The history of the sociology of deviance is also dominated by debates concerning the relative importance of legal and extralegal factors in society’s reaction to deviancy. The variations of power and the persistence of categories of deviance correspond in a manner that highlights the relevance of an approach that incorporates analyses of the contours of both power and deviance.

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