The complexity of computing the tutte polynomial on transversal matroids

Charles J. Colbourn, J. Scott Provan, Dirk Vertigan

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The complexity of computing the Tutte polynomial T(M, x,y) is determined for transversal matroid M and algebraic numbers x and y. It is shown that for fixed x and y the problem of computing T(M, x,y) for M a transversal matroid is #P-complete unless the numbers x and y satisfy (x-1)(y-1)=1, in which case it is polynomial-time computable. In particular, the problem of counting bases in a transversal matroid, and of counting various types of "matchable" sets of nodes in a bipartite graph, is #P-complete.

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StatePublished - Mar 1995
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  • Mathematics Subject Classification (1991): 05D15, 68Q25, 68R05

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