The chromosome 4 workshop report

Jeffrey C. Murray, Kenneth H. Buetow

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In the concluding session the compilation and availability of available resources on chromosome 4 were discussed. A listing of these resources is available from Jeff Murray at the University of Iowa for anyone with an interest in human chromosome 4. Rick Myers stressed the commitment of the UCSF Genome Center to make resources available to the mapping community as a whole as soon as they have been identified and characterized. There was general agreement that such a philosophy will facilitate the rapid generation and integration of the maps from several groups currently working in this area. The chromosome 4 committee for the Human Gene Mapping workshops was scheduled to meet in August of 1991, and a second chromosome 4-specific meeting is to be held in Leiden on June 13 and 14, 1992 (contact Gert-Jan van Ommen for information). Future venues for the meeting are planned to alternate between countries with groups participating in mapping projects on this chromosome and initially will focus particularly on groups with chromosome wide mapping interests such as EUROGEM and the Human Genome Center.

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