The Chief Scientist is right, and why

Peter Rez

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Australians are responsible for some of the highest values of CO2 emissions per person. To lower CO2 emissions the most effective policy is to eliminate coal from power generation. In principle all electrical power generation in Australia could be provided by renewables. The mismatch between renewables and actual electrical demand means that extensive storage in the form of pumped hydroelectric will be required. However considerable reductions in CO2emissions can be achieved by using nuclear power or combined cycle gas turbines for baseload and open cycle gas turbines for peak loads. Other options include combinations of renewables and rapid response gas turbines. At the present time more than 1/3 emissions come from transportation, so further progress can only be achieved with the electrification of ground transportation. This will require a considerable increase in both electrical power generation and storage if the aim is to rely totally on renewables.

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JournalJournal and Proceedings - Royal Society of New South Wales
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StatePublished - 2020

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