The Anti-Racism Linguist: A Book of Readings

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This book explores language at the intersection of race and ethnicity and the institutional practices that still make for uneven access to education, resources and a sense of belonging. It takes a clear anti-racist stance in the way it examines issues of language and power, linguistic prejudice, attitudes toward language and linguistic varieties. The chapters cover the experiences of the authors in their personal and professional lives, combining traditional academic texts with highly identity-driven genres that include autoethnography and the reflective essay, in addition to providing narrated resources for teachers. The result is a dynamic, innovative volume that dialogues openly with one of the most serious and pertinent debates of our time: how to instigate institutional change that moves us away from racist practices. The book is a reflection on how teachers and scholars can incorporate anti-racism pedagogy and thought into their practice.

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StatePublished - Jan 1 2023

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