Synthetic biology and sharing big

Karmella Haynes

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Synthetic biology is a relatively new discipline that is going to produce critical biomedical breakthroughs in the coming years. Scientists working in this field create designer molecules or even life forms, either by using forms found in nature or by fabricating new combinations of elements, to mimic natural processes or to work in the body to combat disease in new ways. In addition to the engineering challenges, the idea of creating biological systems raises many ethical and safety issues. Since this interdisciplinary field is very much in the forefront of medical research, it is critical that the public understand not only the science but also the implications of the results, which will involve discussion about regulation, oversight, and application in the public arena.

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JournalMuseums and Social Issues
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StatePublished - 2016


  • Bioengineering
  • DNA repository
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  • Synthetic biology

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