Structure of microparticles in solid-stabilized emulsions

Sowmitri Tarimala, Lenore L. Dai

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Emulsions of oil and water stabilized by adsorbed solid particles are known as solid-stabilized emulsions (often referred to as Pickering emulsions). Using confocal microscopy, we have studied the assembly of colloidal-sized polystyrene particles in poly(dimethylsiloxane)-in-water solid-stabilized emulsions. Mono-disperse polystyrene particles, when included in the emulsions at low concentrations, were found to form small patches with local "hexagonal" order, separated by other particle-free domains. Polystyrene particles with different sizes (1 and 4 μm) and different wettability could simultaneously segregate to the emulsion interface; even mixtures of hydrophobic and hydrophilic solid particles were found to simultaneously segregate to the same interface.

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StatePublished - Apr 27 2004
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