Spatial dimensions of Internet activity

Tony H. Grubesic

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The global diffusion of Internet activity is advancing at an unprecedented rate. However, it is increasingly apparent that the diffusion of information technologies and their associated activity is spatially uneven. Utilizing a comprehensive database of domain registrations, spatial-statistical methods, and a geographic information system (GIS), the spatial dimensions of Internet activity are explored for the state of Ohio. In addition to identifying considerable differences in Internet activity between urban and rural locales, results suggest that existing telecommunication infrastructure and educational institutions also play significant roles in the level of Internet-related activity for the region.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)363-387
Number of pages25
JournalTelecommunications Policy
Issue number7-8
StatePublished - Aug 2002


  • Domains
  • GIS
  • Internet activity
  • Ohio
  • Spatial analysis

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  • Human Factors and Ergonomics
  • Information Systems
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