South American Englishes and Englishes in South America

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This chapter focuses on the sociolinguistic information from that earlier time, newer information, and works written since then to help further an understanding of English(es) and their roles across the continent. It shows that there is a great deal of new, creative world Englishes research to be conducted in these fascinating and complex environments. The chapter concentrates on South American environments where Portuguese and Spanish dominate and where English, by virtue of education and commerce/business makes its presence known especially as a foreign or international language. In any South American capital, it is unlikely that one would walk around the central parts of the city without coming upon at least one English language school. In South America, there is a series of tensions regarding belief and practice, historical antecedents and current needs.

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  • English language school
  • Historical antecedents
  • Sociolinguistic information
  • South American environments
  • World englishes research

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