Remarks on hot QCD

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After briefly reviewing work I've done recently with Krishna Rajagopal on the nature of the equilibrium phase transition in QCD at finite temperature and zero baryon number and on the possibility of forming misaligned vacuum by a quench, I discuss - also briefly - two new items. These are extension of the arguments concerning the order of the transition to to 2+1 dimensions, relating in this case gauge to conformal field theories, that could be explored in numerical experiments; and the energy budget at the chiral transition and its relevance to the nature of the transition and to quenching. The bulk of the material in the talk as delivered was taken from two papers written with Krishna Rajagopal. Here I will only give a telegraphic summary of those papers [1, 2] in Sections 1 and 2. Sections 3-4 are devoted to the new items mentioned in the Abstract.

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