Reintegrating anthropology: From inside out: An introduction to supplement 13

Agustin Fuentes, Polly Wiessner

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Both evolutionary/scientific and constructivist or humanistic approaches have brought valuable understandings to anthropology and continue to do so today. Discussions of the split(s) and possibilities of reintegration across anthropology have been valuable; however, practical reintegration will only come from a serious and open intellectual engagement with a diverse range of theoretical contexts and a direct connection to data. This volume is an attempt to provide innovative contexts for, and examples of, anthropologists reporting on their data and/or conceptualizing approaches to the data in ways that cross or straddle boundaries. While we offer niche construction theory and the extended evolutionary synthesis as common framework, the articles are not all in agreement on explanatory means and priorities. And this is a good thing. To develop an effective reintegration requires anthropologists to move away from artificial dichotomies and standing grudges and toward collaborations and a respect for theoretical plurality. The unifying endeavor of this collection is in the sincere attempt by all of its members to draw on more than a single approach and to integrate understandings gleaned from the inside and the outside.

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Pages (from-to)S3-S12
JournalCurrent anthropology
StatePublished - Jun 2016
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