Nicolas Johnson, Pitu Mirchandani

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A communication gap exists in an information flow system when information needed by an information user arrives late, is distorted beyond utility, or fails to arrive at all. This paper examines some quantitative measures of communication gaps in emergency situations. The principal measures that have been selected to characterize communication gaps are the arrival probability of a message to its destination, the time delay for transmission, and the percent distortion of information. Mathematical expressions have been developed to yield these quantitative measures from the properties of the network and its operating environment. An interactive computer program called SIGNACOM which utilizes these expressions has been prepared to allow the user the facility to diagnose information flow systems for the existence of communication gaps.

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StatePublished - 1973
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EventInt Conf on Cybern and Soc, Proc - Boston, Mass
Duration: Nov 5 1973Nov 7 1973


OtherInt Conf on Cybern and Soc, Proc
CityBoston, Mass

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