Preparing for matera 2019: Local resident participation in research and perceptions of destination competitiveness

Nicholas Wise, Lucia Aquilino, Tanja Armenski

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Cities/regions across Europe are increasingly using events to catalyse culture and aid community development. The European Capital of Culture promotes economic production using culture to drive the restructuring of social legacies, job creation and civic repositioning. This chapter assesses how residents of Matera, Italy view their destination’s competitiveness ahead of the 2019 European Capital of Culture using the Integrated Model of Destination Competitiveness. Because the survey was completed by local residents, a new determinant is considered (Social Conditions to Improve Local Well-being) to understand how the event will benefit the local city community of Matera. This chapter analyses results from 200 competitiveness surveys completed by residents from Matera and the immediate Basilicata region. Respondents identify strengths and weaknesses of 83 indicators organised by determinant of destination competitiveness. Sample mean values (X¯) and standard deviations (SD) for each indicator are presented, and the discussion of the findings reflects on the preparedness of Matera ahead of 2019. While the results are often measured to indicate elements of tourism, gaining insight from local residents offers insight on the need for urban renewal, social impacts and community well-being as the destination prepares to host events and for increased tourism in 2019.

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  • Community well-being
  • Destination competitiveness
  • Matera 2019
  • Resident perceptions
  • Social impacts

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