Polymer Colloids: Current Challenges, Emerging Applications, and New Developments

Miren Aguirre, Nicholas Ballard, Edurne Gonzalez, Shaghayegh Hamzehlou, Haritz Sardon, Marcelo Calderon, Maria Paulis, Radmila Tomovska, Damien Dupin, Ren H. Bean, Timothy E. Long, Jose R. Leiza, José M. Asua

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Polymer colloids are complex materials that have the potential to be used in a vast array of applications. One of the main reasons for their continued growth in commercial use is the water-based emulsion polymerization process through which they are generally synthesized. This technique is not only highly efficient from an industrial point of view but also extremely versatile and permits the large-scale production of colloidal particles with controllable properties. In this perspective, we seek to highlight the central challenges in the synthesis and use of polymer colloids, with respect to both existing and emerging applications. We first address the challenges in the current production and application of polymer colloids, with a particular focus on the transition toward sustainable feedstocks and reduced environmental impact in their primary commercial applications. Later, we highlight the features that allow novel polymer colloids to be designed and applied in emerging application areas. Finally, we present recent approaches that have used the unique colloidal nature in unconventional processing techniques.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)2579-2607
Number of pages29
Issue number7
StatePublished - Apr 11 2023

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  • Organic Chemistry
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