Non-contacting strain measurement for cement-based composites in dynamic tensile testing

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This paper presents the development of a test procedure and application of non-contacting strain measurement for cement-based composites under moderately high strain rate tensile tests. The strain time histories of test specimens measured by a laser extensometer in high speed mode were derived by a phase-shift technique based on zero-crossing method. The accuracy of the linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) of the actuator in a servo-hydraulic high rate testing machine was verified by image analysis using sisal fiber reinforced cement composite at a strain rate of 25 s -1. The same procedure was then applied to Alkaline Resistant (AR) glass fabric reinforced cement composite tested at an average strain rate of 17 s -1. Comparison between the strain values measured by the laser extensometer and the LVDT shows a good agreement between these two measurement techniques. The test results show that the Young's modulus, tensile strength, maximum strain, and toughness of the AR-glass fabric-cement composite increase with increasing strain rate. However, under both static and dynamic loadings the composite has similar behavior: multi-crack development and one dominant crack leading to final failure. In order to ensure the accuracy of dynamic tensile test procedures, non-contacting devices and techniques should be used as an independent means of verification of test results. The accuracy required in quantifying relative improvements in mechanical properties necessitates the various methods of measuring the displacement and strain rate properties.

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JournalCement and Concrete Composites
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StatePublished - Feb 2012


  • Cement-based composites
  • Dynamic tensile testing
  • Laser extensometer
  • Phase-shift
  • Zero-crossing

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