New partial skeleton of Homo habilis from Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania

Donald Johanson, Fidelis T. Masao, Gerald G. Eck, Tim D. White, Robert C. Walter, William Kimbel, Berhane Asfaw, Paul Manega, Prosper Ndessokia, Gen Suwa

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A new partial skeleton of an adult hominid from lower Bed I (about 1.8 Myr ago), Olduvai Gorge, is described. This specimen's craniodental anatomy indicates attribution to Homo habilis, but its postcranial anatomy, including small body size and relatively long arms, is strikingly similar to that of some early Australopithecus individuals.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)205-209
Number of pages5
Issue number6119
StatePublished - 1987

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