Monitoring of ethylene by a pulsed quantum cascade laser

Damien Weidmann, Anatoliy A. Kosterev, Chad Roller, Robert F. Curl, Matthew P. Fraser, Frank K. Tittel

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We report on the development and performance of a gas sensor based on a quantum cascade laser operating at a wavelength of ∼10 μm to measure ethylene (C2H4) concentrations by use of a rotational component of the fundamental νv7 band. The laser is thermoelectrically cooled and operates in a pulsed mode. The influence of pulse-to-pulse fluctuations is minimized by use of a reference beam and a single detector with time discriminating electronics. Gas absorption is recorded in a 100-m optical path- length astigmatic Harriott cell. With a 10-kHz pulse repetition rate and an 80-s total acquisition time, a noise equivalent sensitivity of 30 parts per billion has been demonstrated. The sensor has been applied to monitor C2H4 in vehicle exhaust as well as in air collected in a high-traffic urban tunnel.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)3329-3334
Number of pages6
JournalApplied Optics
Issue number16
StatePublished - Jun 1 2004
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