Modeling of cement based composite laminates

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Synopsis: Techniques for modeling the mechanical response of thin section cement-based composites intended for structural based applications are presented using a micromechanical approach. A layer model is used and the property of each layer is specified based on the fiber and matrix constituents in addition to the orientation and the stacking sequence in each lamina. The overall axial and bending stiffness matrix is obtained using an incremental approach which updates the material parameters. The simulation is conducted by imposing an incremental strain distribution, and calculating the stresses. A stress based failure criterion is used for the three failure modes of initiation of cracking, ultimate strength of matrix, and ultimate strength of lamina. As the cracking saturates the specimen, it results in a gradual degradation of stiffness. A continuum damage model based on a scalar damage function is applied to account for the distributed cracking. The model predicts the response of unidirectional, cross ply and angle ply laminae under tensile loading in longitudinal and transverse directions. The load-deformation responses under tension and flexure are studied. It is shown that by proper selection of modeling approach, parameter measurement, and theoretical modeling, a wide range of analysis tools and design guidelines for structural applications of FRC materials are attainable.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationThin Reinforced Cement-Based Products and Construction Systems
EditorsAshish Dubey
PublisherAmerican Concrete Institute
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StatePublished - Dec 1 2004
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EventThin Reinforced Cement-Based Products and Construction Systems - ACI 2003 Spring Convention - Vancouver, Canada
Duration: Mar 30 2003Apr 4 2003

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ConferenceThin Reinforced Cement-Based Products and Construction Systems - ACI 2003 Spring Convention


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