Literature-and-Environment Studies and the Influence of the Environmental Justice Movement

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    • "Zapatista rebels," in Mexico protesting impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) on indigenous communal farming
    • Binational women's group working on US-Mexico-Arizona-New Mexico border -improving living and working conditions of factory workers in maquiladoras
    • Environmental justice groups, SWOP and Comadresare -fighting release of unseen toxins in work place environment and in their community
    • Lawrence Buell calling in The Future of Environmental Criticism, the "complicated dialogue" surrounding "environmental imagination"
    • Limitations of ecocriticism, failing to deal seriously with connections between social issues and environmental issues
    • Literature-and-environment studies and the influence of environmental justice movement
    • Modern Language Association (MLA) Conference, Scott Slovic and Cheryll Glotfelty -celebrating "coming-of-age" of literature-and-environment studies
    • Other feminist, ethnic, gay and lesbian, and borderlands scholars -focusing on cultural, social, sexual and geographic "borderlands" to develop paradigm for reading "la frontera"
    • So Far from God, set in northern New Mexico, a small town called Tome -highest unemployment in its history
    • The Marx-Buell debate -taking as its starting point one quote from The Environmental Imagination

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