Keepin' it REAL: Culturally Grounded Resistance Skills Supplemental Videos for 5th Grade

Flavio Marsiglia (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


Feactures and Advantages: The Multicultural Video consists of the "Introduction" segment combined with segments illustrating refuse (Breakin' Bad Habits"). "Why not?" for explain, "Fiesta" for avoid and "The Ride" for Leave. These scenarios were considered to be the strongest of each of the version so as to reflect the norms of all cultures depicted in the video illustrations.Cultural norms representing the variety fo student populations in Phoenix were included in the Multicultural video. The Euro/Afro American cultural norms illustrated were individualism, fair game, planning and goals, directness in communication, and respect. The cutural norms representing the Mexican/Mexican American populations were family orientation (familismo), personal treatment (personalismo), respect (respeto), niceness (simpatia), and action orientation. African American norms also were included in these vignettes. These norms were communalism, purpose, endurance, respect, and creativity. Communalism relates to interdependence, inclusiveness, and strong family orientation. Purpose denotes doing things for a reason and valuing hard work in achieving a goal. Endurance includes persisting in the face of adversity, while the value of respect includes respecting the accomplishments of others, honoring the family and elders, and taking into account the feeling of others. Lastly, creativity represents expression of oneself though music, dance, or other forms of expressive presentation.Possible Commercial Applications: This vidoes, even when not combined with a specific lession, convey a clear message, that could enhance any drug prevention curriculum for adolescent students (grades 5-7). AS such, when and if used in conjunction with the available lessons and/or teacher training module, they are commerically appealing in any areas in which diverse populations of students and families reside and attend schools because of the emphasis on a variety of culture and values. While most particular to the Southwest environment, both the materials and vidoes could be easily adapted to other regions that require materials appropratie to a range of multi-ethnic students and their families.
Original languageEnglish (US)
StatePublished - Oct 19 2004


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