Isolation of two genes that affect mitotic chromosome transmission in S. cerevisiae

Douglas Meeks-Wagner, John S. Wood, Barbara Garvik, Leland H. Hartwell

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Two DNA sequences that reduce mitotic fidelity of chromosome transmission have been identified: MIF1 and MIF2. MIF1 is a unique sequence located on the right arm of chromosome XII that stimulates loss and recombination for both chromosomes V and VII when present in a high copy number plasmid. MIF1 is not essential for cell division but is necessary for the normal fidelity of chromosome transmission. MIF2 is a unique sequence located 15 cM distal to HIS6 on chromosome IX that induces a high frequency of chromosome VII loss and a lower frequency of chromosome V loss when present in high copy number; it has no effect on mitotic recombination. Disruption of the genomic MIF2 locus was lethal and cells lacking this function arrested division with a terminal phenotype characteristic of a block in DNA replication or nuclear division.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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StatePublished - Jan 17 1986
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