Sahotra Sarkar, Ben A. Minteer

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Since the 1980s, Bryan Norton’s work has exerted a major influence on the field of environmental philosophy, demonstrating the potential of a more interdisciplinary and pragmatic approach to the moral, epistemological and methodological dimensions of the human-environment relationship. More recently, Norton has been an important voice in the emergence of the sustainability agenda, both in the academy and across the wider management and policy communities. This chapter introduces the volume, A Sustainable Philosophy, which collects fifteen thoughtful and probing contributions from a diverse assembly of authors from an array of disciplines—including environmental philosophy, but also biology, public policy, environmental economics, environmental history, and natural resource management—exploring the contours and value of Norton’s work and its continuing relevance. An overview of the book is provided, as well as an evaluation of Norton’s intellectual and professional legacy for environmental philosophy, sustainability studies, and environmental decision making and management.

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StatePublished - 2018

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  • Bryan Norton
  • Environmental decision making
  • Environmental philosophy
  • Environmental pragmatism
  • Sustainability

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