Inter/trans/multi/cross/new media(ting): Navigating an emerging landscape of digital media for music education

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Research in music education has reached new levels of prominence. The findings of this study have demonstrated that eminent journals in the field have increased their publication of research articles. This shift indicates that research has become more highly valued by others in the profession and considered an important contributor to improvements in music education. By 2009, improvements in personal computers and the Internet brought profound changes to the collection and processing of information. Research in music education has benefited from these changes. Benefits include the increased accessibility of articles and the development of sophisticated analytical tools. Researchers are now able to collect larger data sets and examine them with increased levels of complexity. The new technology-based venues are being developed to provide even greater access to research information. These new venues include online journals, websites, and social media. Music education is making progress toward becoming a research-based profession.

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StatePublished - Jan 1 2014

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