Interphase characterization in rubber nanocomposites

K. Song

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In composite mechanics, the interfacial interaction efficiency plays one of the most important roles in effective reinforcement. This chapter first reviews the interaction types between two phases. Various characterization methods of interphase or interfacial interaction are subsequently introduced. Mechanical, thermal, microscopic, and spectral analyses are reviewed respectively. Although fillers in rubber composites may be dispersed well, interfacial modifications are still necessary in some cases for property improvements. The two main methods of physical and chemical modification routines as well as property improvements are briefly reviewed.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationProgress in Rubber Nanocomposites
PublisherElsevier Inc.
Number of pages38
ISBN (Electronic)9780081004289
ISBN (Print)9780081004098
StatePublished - 2017
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  • Characterization
  • Interphase
  • Mechanical
  • Microscopy
  • Nanocomposite
  • Spectral
  • Thermal

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