Industry perceptions of alternative project delivery methods applied to trenchless pipeline projects

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The majority of trenchless pipeline projects delivered today use the traditional design-bid-build (DBB) system. Alternative project delivery methods (APDM) have been introduced to increase stakeholder integration and ultimately enhance project performance. The complex nature of trenchless pipeline projects renders them ideal candidates for APDM because of the gap that is often created by an inherent lack of technical knowledge exchange between design engineers and contractors when using DBB delivery. The use of APDM is only beginning to gain acceptance for trenchless pipeline projects. This paper has two objectives: (1) to examine the current usage, comfort level, and stakeholder perception of APDM through a survey of the trenchless industry; and (2) to investigate the published cost performance of completed trenchless projects that employed APDM. The results from the industry survey are threefold: (1) the most used project delivery system in the trenchless industry is DBB; (2) the comfort level of stakeholders in implementing each project delivery method is influenced by the amount each method is used; and (3) the industry respondents perceive APDM to impact certain performance metrics more than others. The initial results from the meta-analysis demonstrate the possible performance impact of APDM on trenchless construction projects, as realized through cost savings ranging from 2 to 44%. This study provides a contribution to the body of knowledge by assisting project stakeholders in better understanding the overall industry perceptions of APDM-related performance improvements. This understanding can guide stakeholders in selecting the most suitable delivery system for their trenchless projects.

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JournalJournal of Pipeline Systems Engineering and Practice
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StatePublished - Feb 1 2016

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