High angular resolution SZ observations with NIKA and NIKA2

B. Comis, R. Adam, P. Ade, P. André, M. Arnaud, I. Bartalucci, A. Beelen, A. Benoît, A. Bideaud, N. Billot, O. Bourrion, M. Calvo, A. Catalano, G. Coiffard, F. X. Désert, S. Doyle, J. Goupy, C. Kramer, G. Lagache, S. LeclercqJ. F. Macías-Pérez, P. Mauskopf, F. Mayet, A. Monfardini, F. Pajot, E. Pascale, L. Perotto, E. Pointecouteau, G. Pisano, N. Ponthieu, G. W. Pratt, V. Revéret, A. Ritacco, L. Rodriguez, C. Romero, F. Ruppin, G. Savini, K. Schuster, A. Sievers, S. Triqueneaux, C. Tucker, R. Zylka

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NIKA2 (New IRAM KID Arrays) is a dual band (150 and 260 GHz) imaging camera based on Kinetic Inductance Detectors (KIDs) and designed to work at the IRAM 30 m telescope (Pico Veleta, Spain). Built on the experience of the NIKA prototype, NIKA2 has been installed at the 30 m focal plane in October 2015 and the commissioning phase is now ongoing. Through the thermal Sunyaev-Zeldovich (tSZ) effect, NIKA2 will image the ionized gas residing in clusters of galaxies with a resolution of 12 and 18 arcsec FWHM (at 150 and 260 GHz, respectively). We report on the recent tSZ measurements with the NIKA camera and discuss the future objectives for the NIKA2 SZ large Program, 300h of observation dedicated to SZ science. With this program we intend to perform a high angular resolution follow-up of a cosmologically-representative sample of clusters belonging to SZ catalogues, with redshift ≥ 0.5. The main output of the program will be the study of the redshift evolution of the cluster pressure profile as well as that of the scaling laws relating the cluster global properties.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationProceedings of the 51st Rencontres de Moriond on Cosmology 2016
EditorsEtienne Auge, Jacques Dumarchez, Jean Tran Thanh Van
Number of pages8
ISBN (Electronic)9791096879014
StatePublished - 2016
Event51st Rencontres de Moriond on Cosmology 2016 - La Thuile, Italy
Duration: Mar 19 2016Mar 26 2016

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NameProceedings of the 51st Rencontres de Moriond on Cosmology 2016


Conference51st Rencontres de Moriond on Cosmology 2016
CityLa Thuile

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