Geothermal energy, site specificity, and resource reserves

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The site specific nature of geothermal energy places a great emphasis on land use and land use planning. A survey of the operating geothermal generating stations around the world reveals many different approaches to this relationship. In Italy, agricultural use of the land proceeds concurrently with geothermal development. In Mexico, on the other hand, no multipurpose use of the geothermal field is attempted whatsoever. Just north of the primary Mexican site, in the Imperial Valley of California, land use considerations have long delayed tapping one of the largest geothermal fields in the US. In Japan, concern over development in national parks has threatened the future of geothermal development. In the largest field, The Geysers of Northern California, conflicts between desires to develop the land both for recreation and also for electricity have slowed development and raised costs. If geothermal energy is to meet its generating potential "Resource Reserves" must be established to protect the resource.

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