Examining the role of Girl Effect in contributing to positive education ideologies for girls in Ethiopia

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Gendered cultural ideologies limit access to education for girls in Ethiopia. Practices like child marriage, a disproportionate work burden for girls, early pregnancy, and social isolation, inhibit the participation of female students in education. This qualitative study analyzes the influence of Girl Effect (a branding agency supported by international development organizations) in promoting pro-education ideologies for girls in Ethiopia. Document analysis of five data sources—including evaluation reports and audio-visual material—was the method used. The findings of the study demonstrate that Girl Effect used girl-centered research and advocacy to promote investment in girls and women. Moreover, this organization is innovative because it attempted to influence popular media through Yegna, a communication platform and youth-led movement, that presents the Ethiopian public with narratives that challenge existing power structures and encourage the empowerment of women. The Yegna communication platform relies on diverse methods of information delivery—including interactive talk shows, music, and toolkits for starting youth clubs.

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JournalGender and Education
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StatePublished - Nov 17 2019
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  • college-going cultures
  • Ethiopian higher education
  • gender
  • Women

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