Enhanced carrier mobility in anisotropic two-dimensional tetrahex-carbon through strain engineering

Xihong Peng, Qun Wei, Guang Yang

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    A recently predicted two dimensional carbon allotrope, tetrahex-carbon consisting of tetragonal and hexagonal rings, draws research interests due to its unique mechanical and electronic properties. Tetrahex-C shows ultrahigh strength, negative Poisson's ratio, a direct band gap and high carrier mobility. In this work, we employ first-principles density-functional theory calculations to explore the directional dependence of electronic properties such as carrier effective mass and mobility in tetrahex-C. Tetrahex-C demonstrates strong anisotropicity in effective mass of charge carrier and therefore its mobility (electric conductance) exhibits a strong orientation preference. More interesting, we find that such unique anisotropic carrier effective mass and mobility can be controlled by simple uniaxial strain. The orientation dependence of effective mass of holes can be dramatically rotated by 90̊ through applying uniaxial tensile strain beyond ∼7% in the armchair direction. As a result, the intrinsic carrier mobility in tetrahex-C is significantly enhanced. The results are useful for potential electronic and mechanical applications in tetrahex-C.

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    StatePublished - Sep 15 2020

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