Distal Object Perception through Haptic Presentation of Visually Sensed Object Features

Research output: Patent


The system addresses the problem of distal environment perception through touch based sensations and presents a novel architecture to a) perceive distal environments though visual senorsb) present dital environment senstations through a ubiquitous haptic interface that cognitively engages a user in multimodal augmented reality environmentsThe applications of this system include:1) assistive devices for individuals who are blind2) telesurgery and telerobitcs3) haptic visualizations of distal environments4) haptic visualizations of nano-environmentsThe current systems are limited by single point contact haptic simulation through robotic joysticks. This system works with wearable gloves providing superiour multipoint contact haptic simulations to the entire hand in veridical manner.The primary advantages:1) superior performance to any other system such as Tactile Vision Sensory Substitution systems in terms of realism of senations, speed of percetion and accuracy of perception2) Novel technology that focuses on fast and efficient perception of features and communications of features in an unobtrusive manner3) Wearable system that allows environment perception in a variety of environments and locations4) Intense research based on neurology and psychology of haptics that has allowed development of natural and intuitive interfaces
Original languageEnglish (US)
StatePublished - Sep 7 2005


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