Designing a procedure for long-term monitoring of travel behaviour change policies

Peter Stopher, Stephen Greaves, Natalie Swann

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As part of the program of strategies to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases in Australia, the ACT, Queensland, South Australian, and Victorian governments havejoined together with the Australian Greenhouse Office - the National Travel Behaviour Change Program (NTBCP) - to undertake a program of voluntary travel behaviour change (VTBC) strategies. This paper outlines and evaluates the options available for a long term monitoring program to measure the effects of VBTC interventions. In particular, it deals with which measurement method to employ, how to conduct the sampling, how frequently to measure the population, and how to enhance the primary data set for a national monitoring program. The paper explores a range of options available to the NTBCP partners. At a minimum, it is recommended that a purpose-specific annual odometer survey be conducted on a rotating panel of households. However, a far richer data set would be provided through the use of personal global positioning systems (GPS) devices for data collection over periods of up to 1 month at six-monthly intervals on a panel of households. A number of combinations of these two survey methods are suggested. The paper considers the use of established tools, such as travel diaries, but ultimately finds them inadequate for the task. In recommending pioneering new monitoring methods and practices, the authors acknowledge a number of areas which will require further investigation. Specifically, further investigation of issues relating to respondent burden and data variability in different survey designs will need tobe conducted. Much work will be required to develop and test the instruments to be employed in the administration of the options recommended in this paper.

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JournalRoad and Transport Research
Issue number2 SPEC. ISS.
StatePublished - Jun 2006
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