DensityX: A program for calculating the densities of magmatic liquids up to 1,627 °C and 30 kbar

Kayla Iacovino, Christy B. Till

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Here we present a standalone program, DensityX, to calculate the densities of dry and hydrous silicate melts given pressures, temperatures, and major oxide compositions in wt% in the 10-component system SiO2 TiO2 Al2O3 Fe2O3 FeO MgO CaO Na2O K2O H2O. Here we use DensityX to analyze over 3,000 melt inclusions over a wide compositional range to visualize the distribution of natural silicate liquid densities in the Earth's crust. The program is open-source, written in Python (as a library hosted in PyPi or as a downloadable Python script), and can be accessed and run via an online interface through a web browser at or by downloading and running the code from a github repository. A companion Excel spreadsheet can also be used to run density calculations identical to those in the Python script but only for one sample at a time. In another example application, we demonstrate how DensityX can be used to constrain density-driven convective cycling in the phonolitic lava lake of Erebus volcano, Antarctica.

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StatePublished - Feb 11 2019


  • Computational tools
  • Igneous petrology
  • Magma density
  • Magma storage
  • Open source
  • Python
  • Silicate liquid

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