Density decomposition options in the orbital local plasma approximation

David E. Meltzer, John R. Sabin, S. B. Trickey, Zhong Wu Jin Zhong Wu

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We consider several variants of the orbital local plasma approximation, as groundwork for materials-specific calculation of the stopping cross section of condensed phase targets, in particular ultrathin films. The various methods are tested on atoms, where comparison is possible with other, more accurate, results. The agreement of one of the schemes with standard methods for these test systems is good enough that we recommend its use in cases of condensed systems (for which calculated orbital mean excitation energies, densities, and shell corrections are not readily available).

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)493-502
Number of pages10
JournalNuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research, B
Issue number4
StatePublished - Sep 1993
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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics
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