Decolonial phenomenological practice: Communicology across the cultural and political borders of the North-South and West-East Divides

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    My concern in the present work is to consider how communicology, as an interdisciplinary and decolonial phenomenology, constitutes a philosophical practice that has the capacity to adequately engage the cultural, historical and political borders that create tacit hierarchies of meaning and value across the north-south and east-west global divides. Taking up Enrique Dussel's Ethics of Liberation, this communicological approach features the problematic of embodiment as a condition of contingency in which the immediacy of lived-experience becomes actualized within historical and cultural contexts that always exceed the perceptive capacities carried within the immediacy of the communicative-experience of the person. Specifying the terms and conditions of this cultural (semiotic), historical (temporal), and axiological (political) situation is beyond consciousness as it emerges within the immediacy of communicative-experience. Efforts to specify these terms and conditions often lend themselves to critical practices that disregard their own terms of communicative engagement. My effort is to demonstrate how a communicological approach provides a more adequate way of intervening in the reproduction of cultural hierarchies of difference, and to show how a such an approach allow us sort through the problems of assessing our capacity to adequately interrogate the very terms and conditions through which our communication with others both enables and constrains our ability to cross the cultural and political borders that are at work in the immediacy of communicative-experience.

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    StatePublished - Feb 12 2018


    • Capacity vs. actuality
    • Charles Sanders Peirce
    • Cultural communicoloy
    • Decolonial phenomenology
    • Enrique Dussel
    • Liberation ethics
    • Scientific inquiry

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