Cross-correlation analysis of particle image fields for velocity measurement

R. D. Keane, Ronald Adrian

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In order to improve the performance of particle image velocimetry in measuring instantaneous velocity fields, direct cross- correlation of image fields can be used in place of auto-correlation methods of interrogation of double or multiple exposure recordings. Furthermore with improved technology in high speed photographic recording and increased resolution of video array detectors, cross-correlation methods of interrogation of successive single exposure frames can be used to measure the separation of pairs of particle images between successive frames. By knowing the extent of image shifting used in a multiple exposure and by a priori knowledge of the mean flow-field, the cross-correlation of different sized interrogation spots with known separation can be optimized in terms of spatial resolution, detection rate, accuracy and reliability. (from Authors)

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PublisherNew York, USA, American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Fluid
ISBN (Print)0791808742, 9780791808740
StatePublished - Jan 1 1991
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