Confusion Infusions, Suggestives, Correctives, and Other Medicines

Paul Rozin, Adam B. Cohen

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The authors suggest that it is natural and appropriate for fields to focus on particular phenomena and approaches. For affect, the focus has been on the subset of phenomena called emotion, with emphasis on facial expression, physiological responses, and appraisal. However, the authors note that there is a cost to the focus. The focus on facial expression has caused researchers to ignore those signals, such as those including touch, which involve an interaction among conspecifics. The focus on "internal" accounts of emotion has resulted in relative inattention to the critical adaptive-communication function of displays. P. Rozin and A. B. Cohen (2003) believe that the frequency of confusion and concentration expressions indicates that it is important to inform conspecifics of one's receptiveness to new information or further interactions.

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StatePublished - Mar 2003
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